Step into your New Year right

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, the goals always sound the same: exercise, spend more time with loved ones, plan my budget, be more social…

The great thing about dance lessons is that they wrap these up into one package. Dance is great exercise, an exciting way to build new and existing relationships, and helps you goal-set in a realistic setting. Throw in confidence, talent and diversion, and you’ve got it all. Whether you take single or partner lessons, whether you’re prepping for your wedding dance or learning some new moves for the club, a lesson package is for you. 10 lessons lead to 10 parties, lasting friendships, sharpened skills and the ability to put yourself out there…and make yourself proud at the same time.

Try a package with us and you’ll get the most out of your New Year’s resolution. Every time you come in, you’ll have fun, build connections, and challenge yourself to grow. At Prestige, we build a solid foundation and meet you where you are to optimize your growth. Our students can tell you: they leave their lessons with a smile, a confidence boost, and the thought that their next lesson can never come soon enough.

It’s such a wonderful and fun experience and it’s given the two of us some needed time together…We can’t wait to show off our new dance moves.” -G. & E.