Tis the Season—for Mother-Son Wedding Dances

Summer is the season…

for Mother Son Wedding Dance Lessons!

Look at those smiles!

If Mama is happy, everybody can be happy.

In just a few short sessions, they’ve gone from zero to “wow” on the dance floor, and are continuing to build a memory–a bridge into the next chapter, as their sons and daughter-in-laws to be tie the knot on June 28, 2014.  Having been family friends, and inadvertently choosing the same day–the coincidence of them both having a lesson on the same day, to the same song was too much to pass up a little photo op!

Tricia & Mike Saputo Jr., and Lori & Nic Albrecht show off just a tad on a break from practicing their mother son dances to “My Wish” at Prestige Ballroom.  Prestige Ballroom is located in a historic spot that was a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in the 1980’s, and the home to more excellent dancing, fun lessons, effective instruction and a pleasant and reinvigorating experience.


Looking Great guys!  Can’t wait to see the final result all dressed up!


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Mother Son Dance lessons at Prestige Ballroom in St. Louis
Mother Son Dance Lessons! Tricia & Mike and Lori & Nic

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Mother-son couples hamming it upGet started today HERE for only $25.