Inside Prestige Ballroom

Welcome to Prestige Ballroom, where fun, friends and quality ballroom dancing come together in St. Louis, Missouri. You will love learning in a friendly and supportive environment where your professional teacher will cater to your learning style, speed, pace and direction. We offer world-class, one-of-a-kind instruction, giving you the most ideal environment to learn and excel. Ballroom dancing adds so mush: confidence, elegance, poise, control, beauty, self-expression, creativity, sophistication…and so much more. As soon as you enter Prestige Ballroom you’ll find supportive teaching, great dancing, and a dose of fun. We look forward to sharing our passion, skill and love of dance with you.

We offer a variety of training, including Private lessons,group classes, and parties. These include Ballroom Dance, Swing Dance, and Country and other partner dances. At various events we accommodate all ages. The importance of developing our physical,mental, and emotional strength is important at every age and chapter of life and learning ballroom dance at Prestige Ballroom Prestige is one way to support all these areas of your health. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or have never stepped foot in a ballroom dance studio yet, we will meet you at the level of your personal ability.

We offer customized programs, including private, group and practice parties. Additionally, through our parties, lessons, and ballroom dance events, you’ll discover endless fun and develop wonderful new friends and opportunities. Of note, one of our specialties at Prestige Ballroom is helping couples prepare to ballroom dance at their wedding – for the Bride & Groom, Father & Daughter, or Mother and son – we will make you rock! Call today, 314-596-2188 , and together we’ll help you reach your goals!