How many lessons does it take to learn a wedding dance?

That depends on a number of factors. A choreographed wedding dance consists of three basic parts: the entrance, body and finale’. For a couple who are quick learners and want a very simple routine, plan on at least 6 lessons to learn the basics. For those who want a more elaborate routine, a minimum of 10 lessons are recommended.


I just got engaged! When should I start taking wedding dance lessons?

Again, that depends on the couple, but in general, there is no time like the present! It is better to start early, for a number of reasons. If you learn how to be a solid dancer first, once you having your dancing feet underneath you, it will be much easier and faster to learn you wedding dance! Even if you only do wedding dance lessons, it is better to learn it before you are very busy and stressed out with last minute wedding planning.

I don’t have a song picked out yet for my wedding dance, is that a problem?

It is not a problem—it is actually a benefit! Your instructor will be able to make suggestions for you based on your personal style and preferences, plus make recommendations that fit your goals. If you have ideas, but don’t have them narrowed down to one yet, bring those ideas with you. Then your instructor can listen to all of them with you and help you narrow down your choices by showing you examples of the styles you can dance to each of the songs.


Do I need a partner for Ballroom Dancing?

No, you do not need a partner to take lessons. We teach singles, as well as couples.


Do I need any previous experience?

Previous experience is not required. We work with all skill levels- from the new student to the competitive dancer.


What dances do you teach?

We teach all American Smooth and Rhythm Ballroom dances. American Smooth dances include: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese Waltz. American Rhythm dances include: Cha Cha, Rumba, East Coast Swing, Salsa / Mambo, West Coast Swing, Bolero, Samba, and Merengue. We also teach a variety of wedding dances for your special day, some Country and a number of folk and line dances!


What are the benefits of dancing?

There are many benefits to dancing. Dancing is a great form of exercise without feeling like you are really exercising, and it helps you lose weight and tone up. It’s a great way to improve posture, confidence, grace, poise, and mobility. Dance is also a great way to meet new people, and connect/reconnect  with your partner or spouse.


What should I wear for my first lesson?

For your first lesson, it’s best to wear something comfortable and easy to move in that makes you feel great! Ladies, we suggest wearing leather-soled shoes that are comfortable and something with a moderate heel. If you prefer flats, something that slides. Please, no spikes as they damage wooden floors. Gents, dress shoes that slide are best to get you started. We have a selection of high-quality and stylish dance shoes once you get to that point.


What is a private lesson?

Private lessons are one on one with you and your instructor. The private lesson is a time where your professional instructor/partner will build you to the level you desire. You’ll see examples of correct movement, technique, figures, timing, style, and be built up (level by level) to the goals you set. Both couples and singles can take private lessons, no partner is needed. Students get a lot of attention and detail in their private lessons, and this is the fastest way to achieve a strong level of confidence, skill and style as a dancer.


What can I expect at a group lesson?

Group lessons are a lot of fun! Expect to be in a group of similar skill level dancers and to grow! We do rotate partners, as this helps develop lead / follow skills. No partner is needed to attend groups! Group Classes at Prestige Ballroom give you the opportunity to learn all the 7 basic Smooth and Rhythm dance styles—all while having fun.


What is a practice party?

Practice parties follow each group lesson. We put on a great playlist of songs and everyone dances a variety of dances, both Smooth and Rhythm. It is a fun way to practice what you have been learning in your private lessons! You can dance with your partner, your instructor and / or other students, and watch and learn!


What is a practice session?

Practice make permanent (Perfect practice makes perfect)! Prestige Ballroom students are welcome to come to our studio on their own time to practice what they have been learning and to continue growing!


What kind of lesson should I take?

We make recommendations based on each individual, which may vary based on a person’s schedule, background, goals and ability. Generally, many students take a mixture of private lessons, group lessons, and practice parties. This is because when combined, students see rapid advancement and get great results. To see for yourself, get started today with our introductory special.