About Us

At Prestige Ballroom Dancing, we LOVE to dance and LOVE to share dance with everyone we meet!  From the novice with “two left feet” to the St. Louis wedding couple wanting to do more than the “wedding wobble” to the aspiring performer and competitor, we will help you achieve your dance goals and have a great time getting there! 

     Dancing is a healthy, fun way to ease the stress in your life, increase brain function, and help you become the best person you can be.  At Prestige Ballroom Dancing, we employ a unique, multi-level approach to teaching adults, teenagers, children, couples, individuals, and YOU!  Our students feel successful when we break down dance into manageable, bite-sized pieces and add concepts in a way that is personal to each individual or couple. 

     Our friendly, patient, and professional ballroom instructors will help you gain the confidence to shine on the ballroom dance floor at social functions, performances, competitions, or—for your most important priority—WEDDING First Dance!   

Our Team