Prestige Ballroom – Fun, Friends & Dance

St Louis Ballroom Dance Classes and LessonsEverything we do centers around maximizing our future potential, belonging to a classy and fun group of elegant friends and adding a dash of sophistication to our lives.  Welcome to Prestige Ballroom, in St. Louis, where our friendly and fun staff will put you at ease and make you feel at home and among friends.   Prestige Ballroom-with our unique approach and personal touch-offers Ballroom Dance, Latin Dance and Swing Dance training for every age and skill level.  Stay “forever young” – by improving your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  You’ll find not only elegance and class, but fitness, fun and friends at our parties, lessons, classes and ballroom dance events.   Get started today and make new friends, have fun, learn some new dances and enrich your life!